Manuals and Books



Cost data for year 2019-20

Public Notice

Issuance of Public notice for annual Cost data in repect of EHV lines & S/Stn.

Accounting Manual

Cost data for EHV transmissions lines and sub-stations for the year 2015-16

Sales manual Part (I) third Edition (Revised upto 31.1.1995)

Sales manual Part-II (Instructions for maintenance and up keep of consumer's and other)

Manual for Banking Operation this is the 4th edition of the manual.

Budget manual

Commercial Account manual

Manual of instruction for the main tenance & Up-keep of Store Account in HPSEBL

Purchase Manual & Material Management

Inspection Manual

Final Chart of Accounts

Safety Code {This Safety Code has been divided in 12 Sections. Each Section deals with one particular Subject}

HP Delegation of Administrative Powers

Manual of Office Procedure

Scheme for payment of pension through designated bank

(Commercial A.M) Accounting Manual 31-05-2006

Maintenance Manual for Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board limited

Commercial Manual

Standard Cost Data for FY 2015-16 in respect of 33 kV lines, 33/11 kV Sub-Stations and Distribution System

Cost Data for Distribution System for the FY-2012-13

Cost Data for 33 Kv Lines & 33/11 Kv Sub-Stations for the FY- 2012-13.

Final Cost data for FY 2016-17 in respect of 33 KV & below
Cost data for EHV transmissions lines and S/Stn for 2016-17
Final Cost data for FY 2017-18 in respect of 33 KV & below
Sales Manual Instruction Part-I Revised upto 17.10.17